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Zsófi & Domi

We have closed this year’s wedding season in Budapest, on a cold but heart-warming autumn Saturday. I was especially excited about the wedding, as we classmates with Zsófi at the university – thus, it was an honour for me to photograph her wedding with Domi.

Zsófi was getting ready for the big day at her best friend’s apartment, in a house just under the Buda Castle. The huge rooftop terrace gave us a great location to shoot some cool images with Pest under our feet (literally the best view You can imagine about Budapest). Unlike Zsófi and Domi, we were happy about the wind, as it really brings life and adds some drama to all pictures – wind is the photographer’s best friend. :)

Despite the wind and the rain, Zsófi and Domi were posing in front of our cameras without any complaints. After a successful creative session they even had some time to take a rest before heading to the city hall – as we can see, Domi happily lived with this opportunity.

As photographers we are always trying to capture those special moments that reflect the feelings of the couple and the atmosphere of the event. When Zsófi signs the wedding registry with tears in her eyes definitely counts to these special moments.

After the ceremony the newlyweds headed to the Kopaszi-gát riverside park with their guests to celebrate the wedding party. There were many (funny and emotional) surprises organized by the guests for the couple during dinner, after which a crazy party followed until dawn.

But let’s not boost the excitement any longer, here are the long awaited photos of the day as a short slideshow – and also a set of our personal favourites below.


Andrea & Gilberto

Andrea and Gilberto has invited us to one of the greatest locations we have ever been to photograph a wedding. Even though it’s hard to compare a human-made building with picturesque mountains, we have to admit that the Villa Luppis was a 100% Italian atmosphere – with all of its details, the Villa itself, and of course also the hospitality and culinary aspects. What we have learned from Gilberto is that a person is perfectly defined by his details – and then, we have to admit, that the location itself serves as a perfect definition, or statement. And we loved it. :)

However, even the best wedding location is empty without people, relations and emotions – and here, we had everything: love, smile, tears of joy, hugs and kisses, those good friends who would solve ANY occurring problem for the groom (you know what I mean :) ), … and we were lucky to be part of it, and get the chance to capture it in photos.



Our first and foremost recommendation is to sit back and enjoy the slideshow, intended to tell the whole story – but for those who would like to have a quick insight before the slideshow, we have selected some of our favourite images below. :)

Clicking on the photos makes them bigger! :)

Panni & Jara

We dot know yet what to expect from the season of 2016, but the beginning is at least promising… :) On the weekend when the nice, sunny and warm spring has finally arrived, we had a perfect spring wedding with Panni & Jara.

First of all, if I will ever need a pictorial synonym for “spring wedding”, this bouquet will come to my mind – so beautiful, colorful, but still so light and natural. In the morning, right after I have met Panni, this was the first detail I have seen, and it was enough to set up my mind for the day. :)


An insider information: if we measure how stressed a person is on how he/she is able to sleep prior to the wedding, the two extremes of the scale were definitely the groom, Jara; and my talented new teammate, Niki. When I have arrived to the wedding venue, I was told by Panni that Jara was just taking a short mid-day siesta, sleeping somewhere.  :) In contrast to Niki, who was super-excited for her first wedding with the WeddingGrapher Team –  but next time she’s free to sleep. We’re happy to have her onboard, she did a really, really nice job here. :)




I do not intend to tell the whole story in words, we prefer to use photos for storytelling (let’s have a look at the slideshow!), but definitely, we had a nice and natural couple with all the feelings and emotions we always hope for on a wedding. And there’s another visually important point that I have to emphasize: the bridal dress of Panni. Designed by Daalarna, definitely the best wedding designer from Hungary… and not only because she’s using the name of the swedish province where I’ve proposed my wife. :)



Before I start to write too much (we were rather invited to take photos), let’s continue with the slideshow, that’s intended to tell the whole story. :)