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Panni & Jara

We dot know yet what to expect from the season of 2016, but the beginning is at least promising… :) On the weekend when the nice, sunny and warm spring has finally arrived, we had a perfect spring wedding with Panni & Jara.

First of all, if I will ever need a pictorial synonym for “spring wedding”, this bouquet will come to my mind – so beautiful, colorful, but still so light and natural. In the morning, right after I have met Panni, this was the first detail I have seen, and it was enough to set up my mind for the day. :)


An insider information: if we measure how stressed a person is on how he/she is able to sleep prior to the wedding, the two extremes of the scale were definitely the groom, Jara; and my talented new teammate, Niki. When I have arrived to the wedding venue, I was told by Panni that Jara was just taking a short mid-day siesta, sleeping somewhere.  :) In contrast to Niki, who was super-excited for her first wedding with the WeddingGrapher Team –  but next time she’s free to sleep. We’re happy to have her onboard, she did a really, really nice job here. :)




I do not intend to tell the whole story in words, we prefer to use photos for storytelling (let’s have a look at the slideshow!), but definitely, we had a nice and natural couple with all the feelings and emotions we always hope for on a wedding. And there’s another visually important point that I have to emphasize: the bridal dress of Panni. Designed by Daalarna, definitely the best wedding designer from Hungary… and not only because she’s using the name of the swedish province where I’ve proposed my wife. :)



Before I start to write too much (we were rather invited to take photos), let’s continue with the slideshow, that’s intended to tell the whole story. :)

Panni & Jara engagement

Spring has arrived, and among others it has brought the first wedding of 2016 – with a lovely couple whose engagement session photos have just arrived here. We have met them (or they have met us) last year in a memorable wedding – and actually the bride of that wedding, in the meantime, became part of the WeddingGrapher team as a photographer. We do not know what it means for Panni or Jara in the future, let the time decide… :)

panni-jara-engagement-02panni-jara-engagement-06 panni-jara-engagement-04

The first few pictures were taken at a golf course (actually, a golf course, as far as we know, had played an important role on the way to the wedding itself) – but if you move further in the set, you will quickly understand why do we think we’re lucky with Jara being a kind and nice person with a friendly smile and not making him angry… Actually, the idea of taking some pictures in the studio came when we have learned he has a solid background with Judo – but still, we were surprised what it exactly means. At least, I would consider judo as a good option for my little boy when he grows up… :)


The slideshow itself concentrates more on the just starting but still somewhat windy-chilly spring on the golf course, but the photos below show something from the studio as well… sit back and enjoy. :)

And don't forget to set it HD (and fullscreen)! :)