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I have always dreaming of being invisible – having my camera in hand.

As I am photographing more and more weddings, I am more and more often lucky with those magic moments, or probably have more experience: where to stand, what to look for, when to hold the camera in front of my eyes…

However, this dream is still alive.

The feeling of the photographer being invisible is what makes really good wedding photography. This intimacy, very personal mood is what I’m really looking for. And I’m sure, if you call some of your favourite photographs from your mind, you will find that for all of them, you feel that the photographer was invisible. Did not create the scene, but captured the moment.

That’s my own, ultimate goal at every wedding… and a dream that probably will never come true, but I’m doing all my best to get as close to is as possible.

Moreover, I’m really lucky for sharing wedding photography with Eszter and Juli – two really creative girls, with whom we are permanently pushing each other to come up with new ideas and a fresh look. And of course, sharing our feeling and thoughts about weddings, life and the world God gave us. With them, the WeddingGrapher team was born in 2009, with the philosophy to remain invisible but capture even what’s not visible; working always is pairs.