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Lea & Anton

Maybe drawing consequences from just a single sample is not an idea – but the image I got about Bavaria and all the Bavarian people in this weekend is such a strong positive that sets my mind, definitely. :) Bavaria is an absolutely picturesque, nice and tidy landscape rolling with hills and valleys; nice little towns and villages, “Kirchturms” (English apparently does have a single word for that, German and Hungarian has it). Simply a place where you can easily feel like home, and be relaxed just by sitting down and looking around.

Similar good experience with the people, at least those who are getting married, or being invited to a wedding (based on my sampling, at least). Even though it may not be the experience about Germans in general; Bavaria must be somewhat different: I have arrived from somewhere abroad (Hungary); didn’t know anyone (except a lovely couple*) in advance – still, all those people were so friendly and natural, didn’t let me feel a foreigner; while I was working, felt like one of them. Enjoyed it a lot.

As I mentioned, there was however a couple, or rather a family by this time, whom I knew. A few years ago I was gifted with them: I had shot one of my career’s best and favorite photos of that angel-faced blondie girl, with a rolling teardrop on an Alpine mountaintop wedding – and now, she had the most joyful curves a girl can have; awaiting the second baby to be born. And what was absolutely in common between Nina (the bridesmaid) and Lea (the bride), and also their beloved ones: they were simply living their emotions.

I loved it. When we were in the church, during the ceremony, I was just sitting on the floor with my camera in hand… and I felt happy like a kid. Not because of the (otherwise nice) interior, neither the lights, but the faces: that’s what a wedding photographer is always dreaming of. What anyone could simply read from their faces (especially the privileged photographer, facing and not being behind them) was the pure joy; simple, natural emotions. Living the moment, You can even see when they were lost in their thoughts about being there. I do not exactly know what makes it so obvious for some, and maybe keeps it more inside for others – but based on the wedding of Lea & Anton now, and Nina & Sebi a few years back, if that’s anyhow connected to the region, I would like to go more often there. “Those, who have ears to hear, let them hear!” :)

After all, I was not there just to get some really good memories (even though it’s important for me); but also to make some long-living memories for those inviting me. So let me end my blogpost here with the wedding slideshow, and a short selection of my favourite images:

Lea & Anton – at first sight…

Let me first show a short preview of a wedding I have travelled a lot for… and even though I did not exactly know what to expect, I feel lucky for being invited. If the first sampling matters, I have to say, Bayern gives beautiful scenes, and bayerische people are lovely, natural and easy-going. Pretty important circumstances for a wedding…

Here the first set of images – stay tuned for the rest. The best is yet to come! :)

Clicking on the photos makes them definitely bigger!

Kata & Jin

When we got in contact with Kata and Jin, first we only knew that the wedding will be held in Tihany – given our love for the Balaton region, it was a good starting point, for sure. When we met for a coffee and got to know more and more exciting details about the location, we have also discovered that we share the same feelings about the region. That’s where Kata started to show our country to Jin, and since then they become returning guests… :)

It was no surprise that the restaurant and terrace on the hilltop facing the Abbey and showing an almost 360° view all over the Peninsula, the lake Balaton and the surroundings was convincing… but when Kata proposed a location for the photosession we have never seen before, we were actually surprised. And we have to admit, the monk’s caves carved in the rocks absolutely worth a visit, the ancient stone walls and windows had their own, strong atmosphere – reminiscent of our childhood’s adventure books.

The almost a thousand year old Abbey itself was magnificent as expected – but we didn’t know in advance that we will find so heartwarming little details in how they were simply looking at each other. But we have seen, and brought to You something we found in their eyes. :)

The atmosphere was anyway great: the king of the dancefloor was without a doubt a Chinese Michael Jackson with a genuine Hungarian folk-art hat – strongly reminiscent of the groom himself. On top of that, this groom was clearly aware of all Hungarian wedding habits and customs: he was fighting hard and tactically to block any attempts on stealing the bride form the dancefloor – and he succeeded, even though it wasn’t easy. :)
Here comes the slideshow from this stunning location, with all tiny details of the wedding: