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Vanda & Robin

If it was my idea, one could say using the bycicles is just a stereotype of the rest of the world about dutch people… but believe me, it was not coming from me. :)
Needless to say, the bycicles were classis Dutch (Hollander) bikes, Robin’s bike actually brought from the Netherlands itself… so a 100% real one. Must feel like a piece of home (especially after seeing him riding it on only the rear wheel – which seemed to be ridiculously easy, at least for him).

So I didn’t have do anything else just let them to have an evening off, hoppping on the bikes to one of the best parks in Budapest, the Margaret Island in the very heart of the city, and make some postcards with these lovely people in the frame. It was easy to enjoy, hopefully for all of us – let me show a few of my favourites below. I’ll be curious to see whether a bridal gown permits Vanda to ride her bike or not… :))

Zsófi & Domi

We have closed this year’s wedding season in Budapest, on a cold but heart-warming autumn Saturday. I was especially excited about the wedding, as we classmates with Zsófi at the university – thus, it was an honour for me to photograph her wedding with Domi.

Zsófi was getting ready for the big day at her best friend’s apartment, in a house just under the Buda Castle. The huge rooftop terrace gave us a great location to shoot some cool images with Pest under our feet (literally the best view You can imagine about Budapest). Unlike Zsófi and Domi, we were happy about the wind, as it really brings life and adds some drama to all pictures – wind is the photographer’s best friend. :)

Despite the wind and the rain, Zsófi and Domi were posing in front of our cameras without any complaints. After a successful creative session they even had some time to take a rest before heading to the city hall – as we can see, Domi happily lived with this opportunity.

As photographers we are always trying to capture those special moments that reflect the feelings of the couple and the atmosphere of the event. When Zsófi signs the wedding registry with tears in her eyes definitely counts to these special moments.

After the ceremony the newlyweds headed to the Kopaszi-gát riverside park with their guests to celebrate the wedding party. There were many (funny and emotional) surprises organized by the guests for the couple during dinner, after which a crazy party followed until dawn.

But let’s not boost the excitement any longer, here are the long awaited photos of the day as a short slideshow – and also a set of our personal favourites below.


Anna & Yannick

Whenever we have an “international” couple not living in Budapest, or at least one of them not born in Hungary, we always have a strong motivation to find locations that are “typical” for Budapest or Hungary – but not the most known touristic spots that everyone knows. This time we quickly came to a decision: in the moment we have suggested the place you see on the photos to Anna and Yannick, they confirmed we have found the right one. :)

Budapest is full of old industrial buildings from the end of the 18th, beginning of the 19th century – like this one on the pictures. Looks more like a cathedral than a factory… even if it has served as the latter for decades. That’s the reason why we are in love with this classic industrial architecture heritage of Budapest. :)

So, we had a stunning location, a nice, sunny summer afternoon, a couple full of smile, with the evident and visible, but fully natural signs of being in love – what else does a photographer need? :)
See our favorite photos at the end of the post, but let’s start with the slideshow below: