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Eva & Jonathan


Probably my favourite photo of the season… :)

I have learned it the past few years that someone everyone finds something different in the same pictures – so I can only summarize what stands out for me from the wedding photos of Évi and Jonathan. But clearly, there is something special on their faces that I have already seen on the wedding, but I have realized it fully once working with the photos.

Just to follow the “timeline”, and starting with the wedding preparation pictures: I’ve never had such strong “father and son” photos before. Despite (or especially becuase?) I basically didn’t give them any instructions apart from asking the to move in the light, I was impressed by all the intimate moments and little gestures of the Father, and how naturally it was received by the Son. It was kind of a lesson for me: it wasn’t too much, it felt clearly natural, but so clear interpretation of the Father’s and the Son’s role that’s rare to see.

Secondly, and probably the most important, about the couple. Watch out for all their looks and little touches, in the details (and not the “big picture”, the poses or the surroundings): these two love each other, really. How they look at each other is the naive and honest childlike joy. Just look at the photo taken at the beginning of the ceremony, when they finally stood next to each other again.


Normally, we’re not a “fanatic black and white” type of photographer – but if there’s something special in the pictures, it helps to focus on the facial expressions, emotions and the important details… I have spent some time thinking on why the portraits work so well in black and white now – and then I realized this “childlike joy”, and understood everything. :)

We really wish Évi and Jonathan to keep this joy throughout their life – what we can do for now is to give some memories of how they’ve started their marriage. So please have a look at our favourite photos below, and enjoy the slideshow:

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Nori & Adam – Budapest by Night

Without any words… the best of our beloved city, Budapest by night with a beautiful couple. A “dream come true” for us… :)

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kepfenyezo-001 kepfenyezo-002 kepfenyezo-003 kepfenyezo-004 kepfenyezo-005 kepfenyezo-006 kepfenyezo-007 kepfenyezo-008 kepfenyezo-010 kepfenyezo-009-011 kepfenyezo-012 kepfenyezo-013 kepfenyezo-014 kepfenyezo-015 kepfenyezo-016 kepfenyezo-017 kepfenyezo-018 kepfenyezo-019 kepfenyezo-020 kepfenyezo-021 kepfenyezo-022 kepfenyezo-023

Zsuzsi & Nico

Despite (or even because of) a few years of experience, we still love photographing weddings. Every couple, every person is completely different – and we usually we find something really interesting in everyone after a meeting or photosession, which makes them special for us. In the case of Zsuzsi and Nico we found it once we asked them where did they meet each other: the TransSiberian Express is not a typical answer for this question… :)

For such a trip they probably should have been as fearless as for a twilight photosession in a forest full of mosquitos (for those who do not remember we recall the engagement session), but who knows… maybe the mosquitos were more frightening. :) Anyway, their courage always has its own reward… sometimes a wife/husband, sometimes just a few photos; but we hope, both brings joy. Knowing that, maybe it’s no surprise that our long time awaited chance to make a photos with a mix of sunshine and dark, stormy clouds was realized at their wedding. :)

Besides the dark clouds and warming sunshine, there is much more to tell about the wedding. Sit back, find your earphones / switch on the music, and enjoy the slideshow:

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zsuzsi-nico-01 zsuzsi-nico-02 zsuzsi-nico-03 zsuzsi-nico-04 zsuzsi-nico-05 zsuzsi-nico-06

“Moscht eleeg idegesch valyok…” :)zsuzsi-nico-07 zsuzsi-nico-08 zsuzsi-nico-09 zsuzsi-nico-10 zsuzsi-nico-11 zsuzsi-nico-12 zsuzsi-nico-13 zsuzsi-nico-14 zsuzsi-nico-15 zsuzsi-nico-16 zsuzsi-nico-17 zsuzsi-nico-18 zsuzsi-nico-19 zsuzsi-nico-20 zsuzsi-nico-21 zsuzsi-nico-22 zsuzsi-nico-23