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Zsuzsi & Nico

Anyone daring to visit the river bank of the Danube in this spring will earn somewhat contradictory, but extreme experience: the endless peace of the floodplain forest and the limitless hordes of mosquitos at the same time. :)


However, even the mosquitos could not ruin our day. We had a great walk, enjoyed the flourishing, fresh green nature, providing perfect scene for the colourful summer outfit of Zsuzsi.

zsuzsi-nico002 zsuzsi-nico003 zsuzsi-nico004 zsuzsi-nico005 zsuzsi-nico006 zsuzsi-nico007 zsuzsi-nico008 zsuzsi-nico009

Having seen the photos, we simply cannot believe that you’re not used to dance… ;)

zsuzsi-nico010 zsuzsi-nico011Zsuzsi and Nico! Thank you for leaving the noise and crowd of the city for that spring afternoon. We hope that the slogan of the otherwise highly appreciated “Túró Rudi” (everyone visiting Hungary must try it’) does not hold for you… feel free to attend your own wedding, even without any of the registered 59 red dots! :)

zsuzsi-nico012 zsuzsi-nico013 zsuzsi-nico014 zsuzsi-nico015 zsuzsi-nico016 zsuzsi-nico017 zsuzsi-nico018 zsuzsi-nico019 zsuzsi-nico020

We have really enjoyed working with the photos – now it’s your turn to enjoy the slideshow!
We wish you this harmony for this Friday as well!

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