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Zsuzsi & Nico

Despite (or even because of) a few years of experience, we still love photographing weddings. Every couple, every person is completely different – and we usually we find something really interesting in everyone after a meeting or photosession, which makes them special for us. In the case of Zsuzsi and Nico we found it once we asked them where did they meet each other: the TransSiberian Express is not a typical answer for this question… :)

For such a trip they probably should have been as fearless as for a twilight photosession in a forest full of mosquitos (for those who do not remember we recall the engagement session), but who knows… maybe the mosquitos were more frightening. :) Anyway, their courage always has its own reward… sometimes a wife/husband, sometimes just a few photos; but we hope, both brings joy. Knowing that, maybe it’s no surprise that our long time awaited chance to make a photos with a mix of sunshine and dark, stormy clouds was realized at their wedding. :)

Besides the dark clouds and warming sunshine, there is much more to tell about the wedding. Sit back, find your earphones / switch on the music, and enjoy the slideshow:

-> click here for for the "widescreen" version!

zsuzsi-nico-01 zsuzsi-nico-02 zsuzsi-nico-03 zsuzsi-nico-04 zsuzsi-nico-05 zsuzsi-nico-06

“Moscht eleeg idegesch valyok…” :)zsuzsi-nico-07 zsuzsi-nico-08 zsuzsi-nico-09 zsuzsi-nico-10 zsuzsi-nico-11 zsuzsi-nico-12 zsuzsi-nico-13 zsuzsi-nico-14 zsuzsi-nico-15 zsuzsi-nico-16 zsuzsi-nico-17 zsuzsi-nico-18 zsuzsi-nico-19 zsuzsi-nico-20 zsuzsi-nico-21 zsuzsi-nico-22 zsuzsi-nico-23


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