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Zsófi & Domi

We have closed this year’s wedding season in Budapest, on a cold but heart-warming autumn Saturday. I was especially excited about the wedding, as we classmates with Zsófi at the university – thus, it was an honour for me to photograph her wedding with Domi.

Zsófi was getting ready for the big day at her best friend’s apartment, in a house just under the Buda Castle. The huge rooftop terrace gave us a great location to shoot some cool images with Pest under our feet (literally the best view You can imagine about Budapest). Unlike Zsófi and Domi, we were happy about the wind, as it really brings life and adds some drama to all pictures – wind is the photographer’s best friend. :)

Despite the wind and the rain, Zsófi and Domi were posing in front of our cameras without any complaints. After a successful creative session they even had some time to take a rest before heading to the city hall – as we can see, Domi happily lived with this opportunity.

As photographers we are always trying to capture those special moments that reflect the feelings of the couple and the atmosphere of the event. When Zsófi signs the wedding registry with tears in her eyes definitely counts to these special moments.

After the ceremony the newlyweds headed to the Kopaszi-gát riverside park with their guests to celebrate the wedding party. There were many (funny and emotional) surprises organized by the guests for the couple during dinner, after which a crazy party followed until dawn.

But let’s not boost the excitement any longer, here are the long awaited photos of the day as a short slideshow – and also a set of our personal favourites below.


Eva & Jonathan


Probably my favourite photo of the season… :)

I have learned it the past few years that someone everyone finds something different in the same pictures – so I can only summarize what stands out for me from the wedding photos of Évi and Jonathan. But clearly, there is something special on their faces that I have already seen on the wedding, but I have realized it fully once working with the photos.

Just to follow the “timeline”, and starting with the wedding preparation pictures: I’ve never had such strong “father and son” photos before. Despite (or especially becuase?) I basically didn’t give them any instructions apart from asking the to move in the light, I was impressed by all the intimate moments and little gestures of the Father, and how naturally it was received by the Son. It was kind of a lesson for me: it wasn’t too much, it felt clearly natural, but so clear interpretation of the Father’s and the Son’s role that’s rare to see.

Secondly, and probably the most important, about the couple. Watch out for all their looks and little touches, in the details (and not the “big picture”, the poses or the surroundings): these two love each other, really. How they look at each other is the naive and honest childlike joy. Just look at the photo taken at the beginning of the ceremony, when they finally stood next to each other again.


Normally, we’re not a “fanatic black and white” type of photographer – but if there’s something special in the pictures, it helps to focus on the facial expressions, emotions and the important details… I have spent some time thinking on why the portraits work so well in black and white now – and then I realized this “childlike joy”, and understood everything. :)

We really wish Évi and Jonathan to keep this joy throughout their life – what we can do for now is to give some memories of how they’ve started their marriage. So please have a look at our favourite photos below, and enjoy the slideshow:

-> Click here for the wide screen (high-res) version!

Clicking on the photos makes them bigger! :)

Blanka & Bálint

Even though we didn’t realize at the first meeting how lucky we are – Blanka and Bálint brought us to a wedding that has everything to love in Hungary. I would say, the following photos show the story of a wedding, that should be enough to convince people to organize destination wedding here…

Not because of elegant and highly prestigious companies serving the dinner or having designed the venue, not… but these are not the reasons to visit any part of the world, you may find it everywhere. But such an ancient village as Jósvafő, is a hidden treasure itself… the old houses sorrounded by the tiny river, the historical church with it painted wooden rooftop, and one the greatest landscapes in Pannonia sets the scene. And then comes the sense of styling / decoration: they really found the “golden mean”, as every little detail was fitting the scene, elegantly avoiding the risk of cliché of a “vintage countryside wedding” – clearly, they felt (and they actually have been) home there.

Briefly said: we have found everything we love in Hungary on a single wedding, in a perfect package. Sit back and enjoy the slideshow, and some of our favourite images below! :)

-> Click here for the high resolution version!