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Blanka & Bálint

Even though we didn’t realize at the first meeting how lucky we are – Blanka and Bálint brought us to a wedding that has everything to love in Hungary. I would say, the following photos show the story of a wedding, that should be enough to convince people to organize destination wedding here…

Not because of elegant and highly prestigious companies serving the dinner or having designed the venue, not… but these are not the reasons to visit any part of the world, you may find it everywhere. But such an ancient village as Jósvafő, is a hidden treasure itself… the old houses sorrounded by the tiny river, the historical church with it painted wooden rooftop, and one the greatest landscapes in Pannonia sets the scene. And then comes the sense of styling / decoration: they really found the “golden mean”, as every little detail was fitting the scene, elegantly avoiding the risk of cliché of a “vintage countryside wedding” – clearly, they felt (and they actually have been) home there.

Briefly said: we have found everything we love in Hungary on a single wedding, in a perfect package. Sit back and enjoy the slideshow, and some of our favourite images below! :)

-> Click here for the high resolution version!

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