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Anna & Yannick

Whenever we have an “international” couple not living in Budapest, or at least one of them not born in Hungary, we always have a strong motivation to find locations that are “typical” for Budapest or Hungary – but not the most known touristic spots that everyone knows. This time we quickly came to a decision: in the moment we have suggested the place you see on the photos to Anna and Yannick, they confirmed we have found the right one. :)

Budapest is full of old industrial buildings from the end of the 18th, beginning of the 19th century – like this one on the pictures. Looks more like a cathedral than a factory… even if it has served as the latter for decades. That’s the reason why we are in love with this classic industrial architecture heritage of Budapest. :)

So, we had a stunning location, a nice, sunny summer afternoon, a couple full of smile, with the evident and visible, but fully natural signs of being in love – what else does a photographer need? :)
See our favorite photos at the end of the post, but let’s start with the slideshow below:

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