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Panni & Jara engagement

Spring has arrived, and among others it has brought the first wedding of 2016 – with a lovely couple whose engagement session photos have just arrived here. We have met them (or they have met us) last year in a memorable wedding – and actually the bride of that wedding, in the meantime, became part of the WeddingGrapher team as a photographer. We do not know what it means for Panni or Jara in the future, let the time decide… :)

panni-jara-engagement-02panni-jara-engagement-06 panni-jara-engagement-04

The first few pictures were taken at a golf course (actually, a golf course, as far as we know, had played an important role on the way to the wedding itself) – but if you move further in the set, you will quickly understand why do we think we’re lucky with Jara being a kind and nice person with a friendly smile and not making him angry… Actually, the idea of taking some pictures in the studio came when we have learned he has a solid background with Judo – but still, we were surprised what it exactly means. At least, I would consider judo as a good option for my little boy when he grows up… :)


The slideshow itself concentrates more on the just starting but still somewhat windy-chilly spring on the golf course, but the photos below show something from the studio as well… sit back and enjoy. :)

And don't forget to set it HD (and fullscreen)! :)