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Vicky & Tristan

By far our most important observation about Vicky and Tristan was the visible beauty of their connection – the way they look at each other, how they touch each other, … that’s why we felt blessed already with their engagement session.

The real gift in addition to this was to see them with their friends and family. Even though from photographic aspects it is probably not the most exciting part of a wedding, but personally, for myself one of the most important part of the day is when all the friends and relatives are queueing and expressing their felicitations to the couple. Sometimes it tells a lot about their relation – and there is nothing that tells more about you then your relation to the people you’re surrounded by. And if I recall what I have seen at Vicky & Tristan’s wedding, we have learned a lot there, and what we have learned was heartwarming. Being a friend of them seems to be joyful at least. :)

The slideshow of course tell a lot more (at least we hope) about the wedding day, that was only one reason to watch… so please sit back, get a headset and come with us to be part (again) of this beautiful day – which was gifted in many ways, including an unexpected but brightly shining sunlight, among others. :) In addition to the slideshow, beyond you may find some of our favorite images.

-> Click here for the wide screen (high-res) version!

Vicky & Tristan

Given the distance between Salzburg and Budapest, we couldn’t meet in person Vicky and Tristan earlier, just a couple of days before their wedding (we have spent a few relaxing days at the beautiful lakes of Salzkammergut). It means we had to immediately start with their engagement session. We rarely start photographing couples right at the first meeting, and we were really worried about how it will happen this time. But right after the first two minutes, we simply forgot about all our fears and worries: just look at the pictures to understand why. Look all the details: how they look at each other, how they touch each other’s face, hands, shoulders… we just had to take care and not to disturb the fragile, silent and intimate little miracle surrounding them. Actually, this sophisticated little miracle, which may show up between a man and woman, is what we’re always trying to capture once we have a camera in hand. It’s hard for ourselves to evoke, but easy to recognize when it’s there. And now it was there… :)

In addition to the “inward” miracle, Vicky and Tristan had shown us some obvious and visible miracles in and around Salzburg. Thanks to a good friend we could start our engagement session in one of the finest hotels, and a suite with charming balconies over the flourishing parks, with a view of the castle of Salzburg… and we ended up surrounded by blue mountains and turquoise lakes: simply said, a picturesque backdrop; something a photographer should always dream about. :)

So, Vicky and Tristan, thanks for that afternoon – now, it’s our turn, with the slideshow and the photos of you and your little miracle:
-> Click here for the wide screen (high-res) version!