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Armelle & Balázs – at first sight…

This time we had kind of a surprise-wedding: we haven’t met even the bride, just two days before the wedding. :) But then everything turned out to be full of fun – my wife couldn’t imagine what am I reading when loughing in front of my computer; while I was just reviewing the pictures. :)

The wedding they was full of fun, since the lovely group of friends and the family made it a special day – even for us. Before heading towards the next weekend, we post a few pictures – as a preview before the full story is finished, just to help keeping the memories fresh. :)


Mariann & Attila – at first sight…

Every wedding is special for some reason… and it makes wedding photography attractive for us. :)

Mariann and Attila were celebrating their first anniversary with the “real” (?) wedding – exactly one year after the official wedding date, the religious ceremony and the wedding reception full of friends and relatives was held; what is clearly practical for husbands: easier to memorize the important anniversary dates. :)

Due to the compelling locations and the very many wedding guests, we have made a lot of photographs that takes a while to process carefully, but at least we can now show a preview of the images. Enjoy! :)


Julianna & Krisztian – at first sight…

Julianna & Krisztian have just married on this Saturday, and we had the creative session on Sunday, but during the night, we could not resist preparing some images as a preview. At first, for ourselves, but also for everyone else attending or not attending the wedding. :)

We loved to spend the wedding day with them and their families, that again highlighted the importance of starting the day with the preparation shots, to see the families, small but important moments and relations. A short preview of the wedding day follows here: