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Autumn morning

On a stunning autumn morning, I have taken a short “trip” towards the field of portrait photograhy. If anytime in the future I will be asked why do I like autumn – I will definitely respond with this set of images. :)

Zsuzsi & Gergo

We’ve just passed the wedding of Zsuzsi and Gergo, and somehow it is still comes to our mind, even though we’re working with photos of other weddings now… That was probably the wedding that I am attached the most to, throughout my wedding photography career – but to be honest, it’s not a great miracle, they are great friends of mine since years now.

Therefore we have decided to publish their engagement session photos now (and the wedding in a few weeks, as they get back from honeymoon). At first, we didn’t plan to do it in the English-speaking blog, since it is completely built on a beautiful Hungarian song, what gave the storyline of the images, but who knows… The photos themselves speak about Zsuzsi and Gergo, probably even without understandable lyrics.

The slideshow is here, and after clicking “Continue reading…“, a self-made, non-artistic translation of the song is found, along with some individual photos to those who don’t like slideshows.

Engagement session of Zsuzsi & Gergo (slideshow)