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Tünde & Federico

Budapest is a stunning, beautiful city – a statement easy to agree with. But if I say, it’s calm, quiet, relaxing and allows soul-refreshing walks in the middle of the city, around the oldest bridge, the Castle Hill or the old tunnel: that sounds much more surprising or even questionnable. However, it’s true, but needs a good alarm clock, and strong commitment. Tünde and Federico had the strength to start the day really early, and I’m very-very thankful to them. In the past few years, I had many photoshoots in Budapest, but these pictures here are my long-time favorites. :)

Photos of the wedding itself are coming soon (literally knocking on the door), but in the meantime, give yourself a little time to enjoy the wake-up of our beloved and beautiful city, and the beauty of relationship and connection with the slideshow and our favorite images below:

Clicking on the thumbnails opens the wide-screen images! :)

Most szólj hozzá... :)