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Tünde & Federico

We had the chance to photograph an international wedding again – and even though the names give a hint, we have to start the guessing game: what do You think, where did they come from? :)

I think there’s no more characteristic manual gesture in the world… we know at least since the real master, Filippo Inzaghi. :)

The wedding itself was fun (among others) exactly for the reasons you would expect from Italians. First of all, how to start a wedding (right after the tie was tied by/with your best man): of course, with an espresso! Then, of course, a huge and vital group of friends, a day full of little stories, people hugging each other like brothers; kids running-jumping-playing everywhere – taking control even over the dancefloor, and falling asleep late night… sometimes right on the dancefloor, or just next to it. :)

Obviously, such an Italian groom needs to have a good reason to find a Hungarian bride (and family) – and here, he had a good reason for his choice. That heartwarming family where Tünde comes from is perfectly introduced in the “getting ready” photos, with (also) the father of the bride (*) setting the dress on his daughter with full concentration and a superwide smile; and (as it is possible to realize after such a short time we spent together), Tünde has the most loving brother of the whole wide world . :)

(*) we have to tell everyone, that the Hungarian language is not only super-complicated, but at least it has lovely nice words; for instance the father of the bride is called “örömapa”, which means something like the “joyfather” or “father of joy”

After all, it might be easy to understand, how this bridal portrait below became one of my favourites of its kind: all of that fun in the eyes, the playful little pieces of the hair, all that supernatural smile – everything is packed here what made us to really love Tünde after knowing her for a single day. Federico definitely has much more to tell about her, as he had and will have much more time to spend together… :)

There’s nothing else left, but the wedding slideshow, and a set of our favourite pictures below (just click on the thumbnails to make them bigger!):

Most szólj hozzá... :)