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Regina & Sandor

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There is a brand new full wedding album: Regina and Sandor who do not even count as newlyweds anymore… :) – they enjoy being married for a month now.

We started the day in Csömör at Regi’s place with a lot of things going on. By the time Regi finished getting ready, Sandor has already arrived looking collected and smart. We traveled a lot that day from Alcsút to Etyek and Biatorbágy in a car, or at times even on a horse-drawn carriage. There were a lot of tears, smiles, much happiness and joy, and for us it was easy to take photos of such a beautiful bride.

We took a lot of pictures of which only a small selection made it into the musical slideshow – if you want to take a look, just click on the pic below. Look further below for some more photos of the day.

Most szólj hozzá... :)