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Orsi & Peti

It was not the first wedding in my life that meant a lot for me on a personal level… but probably the first that really made me emotional. Suprisingly, even after, when I was just working with the pictures, and, at the end, watching the slideshow completed by my wife, the slideshow-specialist of the WeddingGrapher team. :)

I do not want to reveal all the personal feelings and stories behind, but: it was a wedding we have been waiting for a long time – and for sure, we really wanted to be part of it, and do our very best for them. Typically we have to focus on being emotionally involved “enough” in a wedding, to become “sensitive” – but now, we had to focus not be too much involved, and remain professionals in our work. Hopefully we managed to be professional photographers and human beings at the same time… :)

You’re invited to enjoy the slideshow, and to browse our favourite images below!

-> Click here for the high resolution version!

Clicking on the images makes them somewhat bigger! :)

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