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Armelle & Balázs

When I first met Balázs, we started to discuss why did they chose us, and what do they expect from the WeddingGrapher Team. We have quickly found Robert Doisneau as a favourite photographer for both of us, and then our job was quite straightforward: he was the reference… And at this point I was a little bit scared: even though, we try to do our best on every wedding, capturing life-like and natural images, trying to remain invisible; now the bar was raised quite high. :)

It’s not our role to decide whether we did it or not – but at least, we have enjoyed it a lot. Selecting pictures for the slideshow was a tough challenge – we got home from the wedding of Armelle and Balázs with one of the richest collection of images we have ever made. It really was a fun to be there, to see the people, the events, everything! :)

By clicking on the image below, you will find the slideshow, and a few more pictures in the blog post. However, some of our favourites are still missing from here… but anyway, we have some left for a photobook. :)

Click on the image for the slideshow!



Most szólj hozzá... :)