You’re only as good as your last picture

Suprising but true – and it also means, a good portfolio is at first up-to-date. That’s why we have a blog: you’re invited to see our recent work, primarily published there. Of course we have also collected our recent and past favourites – these are presented in this website, in three groups:

  • Creative: images of brides and grooms, photographed on those creative sessions, on or around the wedding day.
  • Story: these are difficult to take out of context, since typically a whole sequence if images tells the story. However, we’ve tried to find a few pictures that could tell something even just alone…
  • Engagement: portraits of couples, images of love, whatever we call them. This are the pictures just for you, just about you. Even without a wedding, it’s not only for newlyweds!

We also present a few featured weddings individually, hidden behind initials like R&G.

And last but not least, we recommend the slideshows section, where complete wedding stories, creative sessions or engagements are shown, as slideshows with music. These show what to expect from the WeddingGrapher Team. :)